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List of Alveo Land Properties in Vertis North

Orean Place Condominium Vertis North Quezon City
Orean Place Condominium Vertis North Quezon City

Orean Place

The way for laid-back city living amidst an ever-progressive backdrop

Location: Vertis North, Diliman, Quezon City

  • No. of units: 611
  • Unit configurations: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, Penthouse 3BR (Flat & Bi-level)
  • No. of T&B: 1–3
  • Floor area: approx. 34–165 sq.m
Studio Unit Orean Place Condo Vertis North QC1BR Unit Orean Place Condo Vertis North QC2BR Unit Orean Place Condo Vertis North QC3BR Unit Orean Place Condo Vertis North QC
High Park Condominium Vertis North Quezon City
High Park Condominium Vertis North Quezon City

High Park

Indulge in the high life

Location: Vertis North, Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1100

  • Unit types: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, Park Flats, Twin Flats  (3BR + S)
  • Floor area: approx. 30 sq.m- 155 sq.m
Studio Unit High Park Condo Vertis North QC1BR Unit High Park Condo Vertis North QC2BR Unit High Park Condo Vertis North QC3BR Unit High Park Condo Vertis North QC

Located at the heart of Quezon City, Vertis North complements the city’s fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle with its seamless blend between more open green spaces and  sustainable urban living—all in just one destination.

Envisaged to be an exciting, energized and sustainable central and lifestyle district, Vertis North is a convergence point for living, working and entertainment. Being the first modern mixed-use property to cohesively combine business, leisure and lifestyle areas all in one but serene spot, Vertis North is an all-in-one dynamic destination. It breathes new life and meaning to urban development with its 2-hectare Vertis Park garden intersected by business and lifestyle districts. 

The development is master planned for centrality, connectivity, enterprise and urban efficiency. Encompassing 45.2 hectares of land, the estate comprises 46% retail and office establishments, 26% roads and open spaces, 9% residential towers, 2% hotel and a 16% allocation for future development. The dynamic project development is full-integrated and is a fully walkable business and lifestyle district—all of which culminates in an exciting destination that allows for various lifestyle opportunities.

As an infrastructure-dominated estate, Vertis North is inevitably located in a strategic and accessible location with connections to major transport hubs such as the MRT-LRT Unified Grand Central Station, Mega Manila Subway and public point-to-point buses. 

To make commutes even more convenient, Vertis North is located between two major thoroughfares—EDSA and Agham Road, ensuring the other establishments, schools, hospitals, offices and other central business districts are just a short distance away. 

Individuals in search for an elevated lifestyle wherein aspects of residential living are interspersed with business and enterprise, a place at Vertis North presents a unique opportunity for all these. 

As an added advantage, the estate provides for a serene, safe, and comfortable living space ideal for everyone—from newlyweds looking to start a family to young professionals wishing to climb the corporate ladder. 

With residential developments such as High Park, Vertis North offers privacy and security and the urban comforts of lush, verdant and green spaces along with Ayala’s malls—all of which are within walkable distance. 

At Vertis North, you can expect to come home to true urban living by being at the center of synergy and enterprise harmoniously intersected with sustainable lifestyle and open spaces—all in a single address. 

To know more about the perks of living in  mixed-use developments such as Vertis North, read on below.

Compelling Reasons to Live in Mixed-Use Communities

Convenience is an imperative consideration when choosing where to live. 

Undoubtedly, safety and security are paramount factors, but convenience comes into play in our lifestyles. 

Online shopping, one-stop shops, mobile banking, fast fashion, fast food—all of these evince our predilection for speed and convenience. Beyond these, however, humans are generally averse to taxing routines that have surfaced in many aspects and facets of our lives. As a result, we tend to favor neighborhoods with everything we need within our general proximity for accessibility and convenience. 

Enter mixed-use developments, a fresh and new take in modern living. Considered the evolutionary and innovative version of neighborhoods, mixed-use developments are master-planned communities that combine residential and non-residential buildings. 

Typically, these areas are planned and developed within a city, municipality, and/or state. Traditionally, cities were designed to keep residential areas separate from economic hubs, which constrained residents to commute regularly. However, this did not present much of a problem back then, as roads were typically less congested and traffic was practically non-existent. 

Today, however, people contend with the madness and stress associated with standstill traffic. People are resultantly weary of this and are more than willing to seek alternatives. 

Living in mixed-use development properties addresses this predicament. As a result, there has been a steady rise of mixed-use development properties as of late such as Vertis North and the like. But the question remains: What makes these properties so compelling? What are the benefits attached to living in this kind of neighborhood? 

If you have been asking yourself the same thing, take a gander at the list below for just some of the perks attached to living in mixed-used development properties. 

1) Everything is within reach 

One of the advantages of living in mixed-use developments is having everything you need in proximity to your residence. Restaurants, retail establishments, offices, and even schools are just a stone’s throw away from you. That said, you can accomplish all of your errands in just a single day, provided that you plan your activities accordingly. 

More importantly, you do not need to worry about forgetting something as you need to circle back to get it done. As a result, the time you spend stuck in traffic is greatly reduced or even eliminated. 

2) Witness your community transform 

Mixed-used communities often rise from marginalized or underdeveloped areas. Residents would then get to witness how a rather barren or bleak area would come to life, thereby giving new life and hope to what would have otherwise been a depressed area. 

On top of that, mixed-use developments create job opportunities for adjacent communities. 

3) Reduce dependence on automobiles 

As everything is typically within reach in a mixed-use community, residents do not have to constantly take their cars out to get from one place to another. In this way, you can save up on gas, do your part on reducing carbon footprint and get some much-needed exercises as well. 

Sure, you may opt to drive your car around, but this would greatly limit your opportunity to wander and discover what makes your neighborhood so great. 

4) Be part of the green movement 

As previously discussed, living in mixed-used communities encourages you to leave your cars and walk around your neighborhood, contributing to a greener earth. Apart from that, mixed-use developments are typically pedestrian-centric metropolitans where residents can walk or bike. 

Similarly, projects within the development have incorporated green initiatives to ensure that they do their part for a greener earth. 

5) Transform your budget

Compact communities are typically avenues for residents to pare down their budget for travel costs. In this way, they can save up or even invest in other worthwhile items they might need. This scenario creates a win-win situation for both the residents and the establishments surrounding them. 

As people have more time and resources, they can make allowances for dining out and shopping items more often than they would have in conventional residential areas. 

6) Focus on your well-being 

Mixed-use developments are secure, which means residents can easily opt to bike, walk, jog or run at any time of the day. Some properties offer more than enough space for urban gardens where residents can indulge their hobbies or engage in other worthwhile activities that promote wellness. 

7) Live in the future 

Last but definitely not least, living in mixed-used development neighborhoods is practically living in the future. That said, the future has everything you need. It is compact, efficient, and convenient—much like how a mixed-use neighborhood is. 

8) Have a real home 

Mixed-use communities abide by the contemporary standards in sustainability, security, and so much more. As a result, having a residential property within a mixed-use community offers unparalleled satisfaction. More importantly, it elevates your lifestyle and allows for a more comfortable daily routine. You have everything covered here as your address was intentionally planned with your safety, comfort, and convenience in mind. Indeed, a residential property within a mixed-use community is everything you can ever ask for in a home for you and your family. 

In conclusion...

All that said, there is a myriad of benefits attached to living in a mixed-use development. Having everything in one place leads to less urban sprawl and a more condensed community. 

Think of mixed-use developments as an opportunity for a charmed kind of life where you get to experience the best of what residential living can offer you and your family.

Mixed-use developments present an ideal neighborhood that all future cities should aspire to become: dynamic, green, and compact. Here, residents can experience an elevated lifestyle where they can dream and achieve their potential in a place where they both live and work. 

All that said, you can come home to an urban and dynamic lifestyle that allows you to live, work and play all in one place---only at Vertis North.

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