Premium Properties for Sale in Cebu:

:Living in the Queen City of the South

Hailed as the Queen City of the South, there is a myriad of reasons that would entice a potential homebuyer to take up residence in Cebu. The distinct combination of city and island living gives Cebu the allure of leading a vibrant lifestyle. More importantly, Cebu has a thriving economy that rivals that of Metro Manila cities, ensuring that it has limitless career advancement and viable job options. 

The Queen City of the South also promises a heterogeneous mix of city and provincial attractions that would make for an exciting and distinct collection of weekend activities. Indeed, living in Cebu is pretty much like taking a perpetual vacation—a breather on its own. Robust economy and upbeat atmosphere aside, Cebu has its fair share of rising infrastructures and industries that would give innumerable employment opportunities, so most of today’s workforce are opting to work in the laidback South. 

This is the preferred location, rather than looking for livelihood in a metropolis grappling with traffic problems. With all these, buying a residential property in Cebu is pretty much buying yourself a vacation that is not cut short by your work routine.

Facts about living in Cebu


The province and capital of Cebu share the same name, which would often lead outsiders to think that the city is all mountains, beaches, and waterfalls. However, while Cebu has its fair share of natural attractions and tourist spots, it also has a thriving city life. In fact, it has been considered as one of the busiest cities in Visayas and Mindanao—second only to the major cities in Metro Manila. It hosts some of the biggest malls in the country and in the world, with an excellent slew of shopping districts to choose from and business parks as well.


Held on the third Sunday of every January, the Sinulog Festival is a grand and colorful celebration every true-blue Cebuano looks forward to. The festival is held to honor the child Jesus (Sto. Niño), and features a series of novena masses, a fluvial foot procession, street dancing and, at one point, street parties, making it the most visited and colorful festival in the Philippines. To culminate the event, a Mardi Gras is held on the final day of the festivities which falls on the third Sunday of every January.


It is already a foregone fact that Filipinos have some of the longest Christmas holidays, with the festivities commencing as early as September. However, one region takes it a bit further by extending the holiday celebrations from the usual two-week stint to a full month’s worth of festivities. As the Sinulog festival falls squarely on the third Sunday of every January, it gives Cebuanos the excuse to extend their holiday revelries for three weeks more, in anticipation of the biggest festival in the country.


While traffic might be something most locals would need to contend with, it will be all worth their while. Unlike most Philippine cities, Cebu has everything within reach, which is pretty much why it has been slated as one of the Philippines most livable cities. Taking up residence in Cebu means never having to take an extended road trip if you wish to go swimming in the beach or trekking in the mountain. In fact, everything is just within the city proximity, so your average Friday or Saturday can consist of island hopping during the day and then heading straight to club and bar hopping at night.

List of Properties for Sale in Cebu

Sedona Parc

A designer parkside living in one of the country's most progressive urban centers

Location: 337 Leyte Loop, Cebu City

  • No. of bedrooms: Studio, 1BR, 2BR
  • No. of T & B: 1–2
  • Floor area: 30–86 sqm


A master-planned, multi-tower residence that offers a brilliant living experience

Location: Block 11, Negros Street, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

  • No. of bedrooms: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • No. of T & B: 1–2
  • Floor area: 28–133 sqm

BPI Corporate Center Cebu

A host of innovative workspaces in Queen City of the South's landmark access

Location: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

  • Unit offerings: Retail (G/F), Typical (8F–19F), Penthouse 
  • Floor area: 68–143 sqm
BPI Corporate CenterSolineaSedona Parc

Reasons to invest in a property in Cebu

  • Plenty of job and business opportunities in the area. Cebu is one of the Philippine cities with a thriving BPO industry. As a result, the success of this industry has fueled the growth of other sectors as well. In this regard, Cebu is rife with business and job opportunities. Entrepreneurs who are looking for new investment ventures will find that Cebu is a good place to start, and is an excellent avenue for business expansion.
  • Having a property in Cebu ensures that you are in proximity to career advancement and job opportunities. As an entrepreneur, it also gives you the chance to oversee your business ventures better. Condominiums have remained the steadfast choice among young professionals who want to experience urban lifestyle living.
  • Owning property in Cebu allows you the chance of becoming a “landlord”. Cebu is experiencing an all-time boom in tourism, and people all over the world will inevitably flock to the Queen City of the South. As a keen investor, you should exploit that by buying Cebu properties and renting them out. More importantly, with the rise of booking websites and apps, finding tenants has never been easier. You can give your potential renters the easy convenience, and you, a better leverage for your source of passive income.
  • Cebu has one of the most promising real estate prices. As the city is a premier destination for economic growth and business success, award-winning developers have acknowledged Cebu’s potential. Given its robust economy and strategic location, it should come as no surprise why so many real estate developers have chosen Cebu for their real estate projects. In fact, Cebu is teeming with various real estate properties that the price points in the city have become competitive, yet highly reasonable. This gives the average buyer a wider array of real estate options.
  • The Queen City of the South is known for its accessibility. Today, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport had a major makeover. Cebu’s airport promises to have more impressive amenities that will surely impress tourists and foreign investors. And as Cebu has its own international airport, the city is very much accessible.
  • Cebu is known to be one of the most peaceful areas in the Philippines. In fact, crime incidents in Cebu remain lower than 1.1 on average, making it one of the safest cities to live in the Philippines.
  • Cebu has a recognized market and comes only next to Metro Manila as a business destination. In this regard, it is on par in terms of modern conveniences. However, unlike Metro Manila, Cebu has retained its distinct charm. Despite being a progressive city, it has not lost their distinct type of entertainment that adds to its overall allure.
  • The Queen City of the South has an excellent selection of restaurants, hotels and other various leisure activities. More importantly, the city boasts of 35 Information Technology Parks and Centers under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA for brevity).
  • Government funded projects have pushed to decongest major cities such as Metro Manila. Logically, Cebu would follow suit. With the new administration’s program of “Build, Build, Build,” Cebu anticipates economic opportunities for the area. Among these projects include a 24.5 kilometer Cebu to Bohol Link Bridge and a 5.5 kilometer Cebu to Negros Link Bridge, with both projects set to make business expansions easier, accessible and more convenient.

Things to keep in mind when buying a property in Cebu


Much like any investor, a keen real estate buyer would examine his or her budget and determine how much he or she can afford. As much as possible, potential homebuyers should not overspend. In this regard, the price point of Cebu properties has always been a contributing factor when it comes to decision-making. Before deciding on a property, have a realistic price range and keep that in mind. Apart from this, do not forget to budget for the payment of taxes as required by the government.


Cebu City, like Makati and BGC in Metro Manila, has become a financial district. World-class condominiums with spectacular amenities are not hard to find. Beautiful homes in gated communities and neighborhoods are also in abundance. With all these, you have an excellent selection of real estate properties to choose from. However, the location should remain a key deciding factor when it comes to selecting a property. Know what you want from your property and what you are using it for. If you are looking to take advantage of the booming tourism industry, you might want to invest in properties stationed at resorts or are at least near them. However, if you are looking to target the working professionals, you might want to select a property that is within proximity of the city.


More Properties for Sale in Cebu


A seaside residential community with a century-old lighthouse in its rolling hills

Location: Liloan, Cebu

  • Lot offerings: Prime, Parklane, Park Estate, Park Premier
  • Lot size: 405–779 sqm

The Alcoves

Living experiences with leisure, dining, and retail opportunities at your doorstep

Location: Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Brgy. Mabolo, Cebu City

  • No. of bedrooms: 1BR Classic, 1BR Zen, 2BR, 3BR, Horizon, Fairway, Parkside, Greenview, Parkway, Leisure
  • No. of T & B: 2–4
  • Floor area: 167–650 sqm

1016 Residences

A distinctive address at a select community within a vibrant urban center

Location: 1016 Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

  • No. of bedrooms: 2BR, 3BR, 3BR Special
  • No. of T & B: 2–3
  • Floor area: 98–229 sqm

Park Point Residences

A place where you can live at the height of refinement

Location: 1016 Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

  • No. of bedrooms: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 3BR Bi-Level
  • No. of T & B: 2–3
  • Floor area: 61–238 sqm
AmaraThe Alcoves1016 ResidencesPark Point Residences