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Experience district urban courtyard and community living like no other

Location: Capt. Henry P. Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig City

  • No. of townhouse: Sandstone - 440, Travertine - 552, and Ametrine -
  • No. of T&B: 1–2
  • Floor area: approx. 30–240 sq.m.

The Lattice at Parklinks

Experience living in this Pasig condo within the greenest urban estate in the metropolis amidst verdant grounds and a wide array of convenience

Location: C5 / E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong Norte, Quezon City

  • No. of bedrooms: Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
  • No. of T & B: 1–3
  • Floor area: approx. 33–120 sq.m.
PorticoThe Lattice at Parklinks

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Parklinks South Tower

Experience living within the greenest urban estate in the metropolis with all the urban convenience you'll ever need

Location: E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong Norte, Quezon City

  • No. of bedrooms: 1BR Classic, 2BR Corner, 2BR Horizon, 3BR Corner, 3BR Horizon, 3BR Grand Horizon, 3BR Sky Suite, 4BR Sky Villa
  • No. of T & B: 1–4
  • Floor area: approx. 70–306 sq.m.

Parklinks North Tower

Discover the ever-dynamic life enhanced by panoramic living 

Location: E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong Norte, Quezon City

  • No. of bedrooms: 1BR Classic, 2BR Corner, 2BR Horizon, 3BR Corner, 3BR Horizon, 3BR Grand Horizon, 3BR Sky Suite, 4BR Sky Villa
  • No. of T & B: 1–4
  • Floor area: approx. 70–306 sq.m.
Parklinks South TowerParklinks North Tower

Considered as one of Metro Manila's biggest and most significant business districts (second only to Makati), Ortigas remains as one of the country's leading and premier cities for real estate and business investments. With the city continuing its trajectory towards financial and business dominance, Ortigas Center is set to have one of the most influential and most robust economies in Metro Manila.

With all that considered, seeing towering skyscrapers, interspersed with an eclectic mix of residential and commercial zones, and punctuated with financial and leisure hubs should not be an uncommon sight. This highly urbanized business district is rife with business and investment opportunities; it is also an excellent place to live in as well. In fact, with Ortigas City's evident transformation into a highly urbanized business town, it would only be inevitable that the city's demand for living spaces rise.

After all, with everything Ortigas City has to offer, it would make the perfect city for young professionals seeking to make their mark in the industry and for individuals with growing families and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business ventures. Making up more than a hundred hectares and covering three main cities (Quezon, Pasig and Mandaluyong City), Ortigas is a comprehensive "mini-city" that boasts a vibrant and lovely mix of commercial, technological and residential zones that befits any homeowner.

Facts about Ortigas Center

  • The city hosts the third largest mall in the world and the largest mall in the country, SM Megamall.
  • The streets of Ortigas Avenue bound the city to the North, Shaw Boulevard to the south, EDSA to the west, and Meralco Avenue to the East.
  • Ortigas Center is located right in the middle of the metropolis. In this regard, residents are given a multitude of quick options to get to other major cities via major streets where it's bounded with.
  • Ortigas Center is a well-connected area made up of three major cities: Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon. On the other hand, San Juan, Makati, and Taguig are a mere thirty-minute ride away. In this regard, Ortigas would be an enticing option for would-be and prospective homebuyers looking to be close to these major cities.
  • It is the perfect city to live in for those who needlessly contend with Metro Manila's perennial problem: traffic onslaughts and congested roads. With most cities only a thirty-minute drive or commute away from Ortigas Center, it should not take you more than an hour to reach major cities such as Makati, San Juan, and Makati.
  • Ortigas Center's area is about a hundred hectares. It's approximately the size of two-thousand standard-sized basketball courts pinned side to side—that is how big this city is. Today, Ortigas is now known as one of the most progressive commercial, industrial, and residential urban complexes.
  • The city is home to Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Victory Christian Fellowship, and Christ's Commission Fellowship, which happens to be three of Metro Manila's biggest Christian Churches.
  • Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, the first sky hotel in the metropolis, is located in the city.
  • Big industry names such as the headquarters of San Miguel Corporation, the Philippine branch of HSBC, Jollibee Foods Corporation, and Robinson's Galleria are all situated in Ortigas Center.
  • The tallest twin-tower residential condominium in the Philippines, known as One Shangri-La Place, is located at the heart of Ortigas City.
  • Proximity is a key point of living in Ortigas City. As long transit times and traffic have become a perpetual problem in Metro Manila, those coming from Ortigas can enjoy everything within reach.
  • The city is bustling with a wide array of industries, ranging from banks to BPOs. This cements its status as one of the most prominent business districts in the Philippines. Consequently, career advancement opportunities and job openings are not hard to come by here.

Reasons to live in Ortigas Center


Ortigas Center prides itself on having everything within your reach. Indeed, proximity is vital in Ortigas, being named one of the most walkable central business districts in Manila. Parks, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, and most importantly, transport terminals are within reach of each other—all you would need to do is go for a ten to fifteen-minute walk to get around. With everything so accessible, residents can enjoy going around the city.


As with any neighborhoods and cities, safety should always be a priority, and Ortigas Center is no different. As a business district that is somewhat compartmentalized, safety is assured in the city. Police visibility is at a hundred percent any time of the day, with various officials patrolling the streets on their motorcycles. More importantly, streets are well-lit throughout the night that BPO employees would feel relatively at ease when returning home in the wee hours of the morning or working night shifts. Residents can take refuge in the fact that safety and security will always be an utmost priority.


It is practically the local counterpart of the famous Westside city in the United States, Los Angeles. Makati, which has always been likened to New York, is the country's leading financial hub. While Ortigas is no different, the people in Ortigas find more time to slow down and relax. Despite being in a perpetual buzz of activity, you can still find residents taking up leisurely activities. Interestingly, just like Los Angeles being the land of stars and celebrities, Ortigas is where you can find the most number of local celebrities who hang out in the area throughout the day.


As the second financial epicenter of the Philippines, it should come as no surprise that many investors and like-minded individuals would want to push and expand their enterprising efforts within Ortigas. Similarly, young professionals and growing families would want to take up residence in the city, given the abundance of job openings and career advancement opportunities. As a result, Ortigas would need to cater to the ever-increasing demand in residential options. Today, Ortigas Center has a wide selection of condominiums and residential projects to choose from—all of which would accommodate a myriad of lifestyles. With Alveo Land expanding their portfolio in Ortigas, future homebuyers can choose between its signature projects Ametta Place and Portico Residences, both ideally located in this city.


As one of the most successful central business districts in the Philippines, Ortigas, without a doubt, offers a unique opportunity for career advancement. In this regard, you can climb the corporate ladder faster and easier by taking up residence in one of the most thriving business districts in the Philippines. After all, many of the most sought-after companies have already situated themselves here. With this in mind, one can expect a wealth of promising careers and viable job options. On top of that, you can also experience the ease of accessibility and convenience as walking to your workplace nearby becomes possible.


Filipinos have always been known for their hospitality. Whenever anyone needs help, most Filipinos would not hesitate to lend a hand. This trait is easily observable among the Filipinos living in Ortigas. While everyone equally has a career goal in mind and strives to be successful in their professions, most of them would still stop offering a friendly hand to those who need it. More important, it is easy to strike up a conversation with the residents despite the perpetually busy lifestyle. This ensures that making new connections and expanding your social sphere would not be too difficult.


One inevitable consequence of living in a progressive and perpetually busy business district is always feeling rushed. However, this is not the case in Ortigas Center. In comparison to other business districts, Ortigas has a unique and relaxed atmosphere. You do not see people passing by while on their phones without regarding each other. In fact, your usual morning jog would treat you to a sight of residents leisurely walking their pets, children playing at the park, and even an occasional group of residents chatting with each other. In this regard, the ambiance is very laid-back compared to other major cities. More importantly, traffic is relatively more manageable, which mitigates the likelihood of pollution overload.