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Portico Condominium Ortigas
Portico Condominium Ortigas


Experience district urban courtyard and community living like no other

Location: Capt. Henry P. Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig City

  • No. of townhouses: Sandstone - 440, Travertine - 552, and Ametrine -
  • No. of T&B: 1–2
  • Floor area: approx. 30–240 sq.m.

Pasig is a highly urbanized industrial yet green city—​the sustainable lifestyle is prioritized. This fact alone highlights the high livability of the place.  

Living in Ortigas is all about convenience. Everything you will need is here, and it is one of the most successful central business districts (CBDs) in the metro with its mulitple growth opportunities. 

Nowadays, Pasig City is all over the news and for good reasons. Good governance is increasingly becoming an asset, and some choose to live here with this as a deciding factor.

From initially being a wasteland to now as a progressive commercial, industrial, and residential complex, the city has indeed come a long way, .

Facts about Ortigas

  • Ortigas Center is part of Pasig City, as well as Mandaluyong and Quezon City. It sits on the boundary of the mentioned cities
  • Ortigas was acquired by Ortigas & Company, which transformed it into what it is today
  • Ortigas CBD is the second largest CBD in the Philippines
  • Ortigas houses the third-largest shopping mall in the world, SM Megamall
  • Pasig City is awarded as one of the most livable cities in the world in 2013
  • Pasig City has a population of 755,000 people (as of 2015) while Ortigas has almost 133,000 population; a population growth rate of 2.31%
  • There are about 180,000 number of households in Pasig with a 4.2 average household size
  • The majority of skyscrapers is in the eastern portion of the city, Pasig City
  • There are 24 PEZA-registered IT buildings currently operating in Pasig
  • There are 71 parks and more than 18,000 trees in Pasig
  • Pasig City was the world’s selfiest city in 2014

Reasons to buy a condo in Ortigas 

Ortigas is an integral part of Pasig City. There are several reasons why you must buy a condominium unit in Ortigas.

  • Pasig is more affordable than Makati and BGC.

Plenty of business opportunities here await, and one of the reasons people choose to do business here is affordability. The average rental fee is Php 625 per sq.m. per month compared with the rental prices in Makati and Bonifacio Global City, which are between Php 850 and Php 1,200 per sq.m. per month.

This could be the reason why major conglomerates choose to locate their headquarters here, given ​lower operational costs. San Miguel Corporation, Jollibee Foods Corporation, and Robinsons Galleria’s headquarters are all in Ortigas Center.

  • Pasig offers diverse work opportunities.

A place to realize work-life balance, Pasig City thrives because of the high number of commercial establishments. Businesses scramble for a place to set up their operations here, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, for one, single-handedly puts Pasig on the map.

Varied career paths are also available, given that the city is relatively complete. There are dining options like Kapitolyo, cinemas, workout places, wellness facilities, bars, and, of course, shopping malls. Ortigas also has several leisure facilities and entertainment spots where you and your family and friends can hang out after a tiring day at work. In fact, Pasig is even known as Manila’s Los Angeles.

Speaking of shopping complexes, Ortigas is synonymous with SM Megamall. But there are many other shopping districts like Tiendesitas, The Podium, Robinsons Galleria, Capitol Commons, Metrowalk, St. Francis Square, and even Mutya ng Pasig Public Market. You can get almost everything you need from these places.

  • Pasig hosts numerous residential options.

The place is full of residential spaces to live in. There is a high demand for all sorts of living spaces—​from young urban professionals starting their careers, or young and starting families looking for well-appointed neighborhoods.

Schools, government offices, hospitals, and churches are highly accessible, and families with varying needs and preferences will thrive. Since Ortigas is a mini-city that sustains itself, you and your family can live comfortably here.

Other than that, property values continue to rise. In 2016, capital values more than doubled—​from Php 60,000 to Php 125,000 per sq.m. to Php 306,000 per sq.m. The value may be lower than that of BGC or Makati, but it continually grows nonetheless. Vacancy rates are also kept at 2%. 

  • Pasig is a green city.

The Pasig City government takes its green city reputation seriously, starting with discarding the use of plastics. Now, the local government is prioritizing the use of e-bikes and e-jeepneys. It also takes pride in how it maintained a rainforest park.

If you are after a more sustainable lifestyle, Pasig City (and specifically, Ortigas) is the perfect place. Several green developments in the area include lush surroundings and open spaces. Not to mention, residential buildings and gated neighborhoods prioritize pocket gardens, mini-parks, jogging paths, biking trails, and more.

  • Pasig has a well-developed transportation system.

Ortigas, for instance, is highly accessible through its transportation network,  and can be reached using either public or private transportation. Several terminal hubs are apparent, including jeepneys, FXs, and taxis. Parking is also addressed, particularly in shopping malls, hotels, and offices.

This means more productive and quality time spent with loved ones because of the shorter travel time for the residents, especially if you choose to reside in one of the residential buildings here.

  • Pasig's government prioritizes peace and order.

All local government units can claim that the citizen’s safety and security is their number one priority. No one does it like the Pasig City government, however. It delivers on its promise to put the people’s safety first through the Citizens Crime Watch initiative, which is a citizen-participated organization that helps the police force in preserving peace and order within the city.

Citizen participation is encouraged, so people can have a sense of ownership when it comes to socio-economic development. This is an excellent place to live and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, with peace of mind for your family’s safety.

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