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Buying a House or Condo: Which is a Better Investment?

Investment is such a big word. And why not? It's a long-term commitment that involves your hard-
earned money. Sadly, not all of us understand the intricacies of investing in a real estate property – be it
a house and lot or condo unit in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

To enlighten you on the things you are confused about investing, read on.

What's investment in the first place?

When we say investment, it means that you are going to purchase a real estate property that will be
another source of income for you. It should be an asset and an earning asset at that, not a liability. Thus,
it is not a property that will sit idle doing nothing for your portfolio.

Technically, it is not an investment if you and your family will live there and not if you are not
planning to resell or rent out the place.

Now, which is better for investment – a house and lot or a condo unit? Let’s see.

Pros and cons of investing in a condo

When you invest in a condo, it comes with amenities, facilities, and features that you need not build
yourself. You only have to spend on updates on the interiors. However, there will be shared expenses.

There will be monthly condo association dues that you need to pay for the regular maintenance of the
common areas. If there is an emergency repair and the condo association doesn’t have a fund to allot to
this, you also need to pay for this separately.

If you are going to rent it out, make sure that the rental fee will allow you to recuperate the monthly
payments including the amortization. The most important factor when purchasing a condo unit is its

Make sure that the building is located in a prime location so that there will be no shortage of renters
now and in the future. Otherwise, it will indeed become a liability wherein you are shouldering the
monthly expenses, but won't earn anything from it.

Pros and cons of investing in a house and lot

One of the most significant advantages of buying your own home is the total control over your property
including adding new features – may it be an upgrade or an extension – that you want to be added. You
can do this for both the indoors and outdoors.

With this, make sure that the remodel will increase the value of the property. On the other hand, as an
owner, you are solely responsible for the expenses renovations and remodels will incur, for instance.

Again, the location of the house is a critical consideration because this might dictate the rental rate or
resell value of the property. Houses in urban areas sell higher than those in rural settings.

In some instances, even in the countryside, a property can have a higher resale value. With this, scout
for properties that are located in prime locations in the province.

Apparently, there are pros and cons to both. When we say a better investment, this refers to the
property that will give you maximum returns.

In essence, the property will be an asset but should never become a liability to you. If it is, then you
cannot say that it's a wise investment in the first place.

While it is a matter of preference at one point, investing in a house and lot or condo is all about
investing in your knowledge too.

Which is a more affordable option for you? Which is a riskier investment? Which will give you the
higher return on investment? Compare the two choices. Then, answer these questions to know which
the better investment is for you.

Reasons why condominiums are popular in BGC

All categories of condominiums keep on popping in BGC—luxury, loft, studio, low-rise, mid-rise,
high-rise, and complex. Options for a residential are endless. Have you ever wondered why more and
more people are choosing to live in a condo unit? Why BGC?

For us, the answers to these questions are somehow interrelated. Read on.

1) Location

A thriving city that it is, BGC is the newest business district. Lots of opportunities are here. There was
never a shortage of institutions and establishments as well from academic to medical to shopping strips
nearby any condo building.

Not to mention, it is a well-planned city that is integrated with green designs and one-of-a-kind art
installations hence the tag 'Home of the Passionate Minds.' BGC is not your typical city—it is built
with elements that the people can interact with.

2) Comfortability

BGC is a home to prominent upscale condo buildings. These buildings are constructed with state of the
art facilities and provides the most luxurious amenities. Some even come up with unique building

Developed with would-be dwellers in mind, at times, there is no need for a resident to go out of their
place to run an errand as some condo associations also offer concierge services, making the lives of the
owners even more comfortable.

3) Security

Among the building features and despite how luxuriant these features are, the security of the entire
condo building is perhaps the most important feature for any resident. Security within the building is
considered in layers – first, the entire building and second, all the units.

Before you may even enter the building, various processes are involved. For one, the personnel must be
able to verify your identity and the nature of your visit; otherwise, they won't let you pass.

4) Accessibility

BGC is technically located in Makati and Taguig. From both the north and the south, there are
transportation networks that connect to the global city. There are also diversion and service roads that
commuters can use.

Also, to ease traffic in Metro Manila, national road networks are currently undergoing rehabilitation
and development such as the BGC-Ortigas link. This will make going to BGC even more accessible.

5) Community

Since it involves a condo association, much like a homeowners association, a condo building becomes
your own community. The dwellers, whether they are owners or renters, contribute to making the
condominium a home. There's a conscious effort to do so.

This means lots of friends and thus, social activities that can be organized exclusively for the residents
by the residents themselves.

These are the primary reasons why a condominium lifestyle in BGC is so popular right now. It's all
about the great perks of living regardless of the condo type you chose to buy or rent.


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