Marquee Place

Lot in Angeles, Pampanga
  • Size Range:

    221 sqm. - 572 sqm.

  • Location:

    Angeles-Magalang Rd, Angeles, Pampanga

Marquee Residences

Condominium in Angeles, Pampanga
  • Size Range:

    57 sqm. - 114 sqm.

  • Types of units available:

    One-bedroom Unit, Two-bedroom Unit, Three-bedroom Unit

  • Location:

    Angeles City, Pampanga


Lot in Alviera, Pampanga
  • Price Range:

    Php 3,700,000.00 - Php 10,600,000.00

    Size Range:

    250 sqm. - 508 sqm.

  • Location:

    Alviera, Brgys., Hacienda Dolores and Banaba, Porac, Pampanga

The Greenways at Alviera

Lot in Alviera, Pampanga, Pampanga
  • Price Range:

    Php 5,700,000.00 - Php 18,300,000.00

    Size Range:

    264 sqm. - 500 sqm.

  • Location:

    Brgy Hacienda Dolores & Banaba, Porac, Pampanga


Poised to become the Philippines’ next master-planned major metropolitan and Metro Manila’s counter magnet, Pampanga is a province that has proven itself to be worthy of more than just the country’s culinary capital.


Known more for its epicurean offers individuals would regard Pampanga as an excellent place for retirement, or the nearest avenue for adventures and long weekend excursions. Indeed, the province rarely registers as a prime place for residential living. However, living in Pampanga provides an excellent option that other major Philippine metropolitans do not quite offer: A healthy balance between work and play. A home in Pampanga presents a multitude of possibilities, considering that it is one of the Philippine provinces that has wonderfully and expertly harmonized aspects of residential living with nature. After all, would it not be the dream to establish a career on weekdays, while reserving your weekends to climb mountain peaks or visit hot springs?


Life in a city that is peppered with various weekend activities offers a healthy outlet from the stress at work. For this reason, Pampanga presents a unique and alternative lifestyle, wherein individuals can focus on their career goals while also having an outlet to balance the demands of their work. In more ways than one, Pampanga might just be considered as an ideal location where your place of work is within the vicinity of a leisurely environment. By uniting the perks of urban living with nature, Pampanga presents a rewarding timeout on a day-to-day basis. More importantly, it supports a well-balanced lifestyle that every individual will need.



  •    The province’s designation comes from the word “pangpang” which translates to riverbank. It is believed that the province got its name from the Spaniards who found the early natives residing near the river banks.
  •    Pampanga was the first province in the Philippines. Created by the Spaniards in 1571, the province consists of the areas Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pangasinan, and Zambales.
  •    Pampanga is represented in the country’s flag as one of the eight rays of the sun. The rays depict the Philippine provinces that allied the armed revolt against Spain in the late 19th century.
  •    The province was once the capital of the country for two years. When the British captured Manila during the Seven Years’ War, the capital was temporarily transferred to Bacolor, Pampanga. It was then transferred back to Manila only after the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
  •    During the Spanish regime, Manila and its surrounding regions were primarily dependent on Pampanga for agricultural, fishery and forestry products. In fact, it was shown that Pampanga was more economically adept than Manila.
  •    It is believed that the Kapampangan language originated from Java in Indonesia. While the province is within proximity of the province to Manila, the language veers from how the Tagalog language is spoken.
  •    Kapampangans are extremely religious people. In fact, Pampanga is known to be the province with the most flagellants during Holy Week. Some individuals and devotees would even go as far as to reenact the actual crucifixion as penance for their sins.
  •    Pampanga is a province that has produced the most locals with political affinity. Two Philippine Presidents are of Kapampangan descent (President Diosdado Macapagal and his daughter Gloria Macapagal Arroyo). The province has also produced a Senate president (Gil J. Puyat), a chief justice, and the first Filipino Cardinal. Pampanga has also produced famous celebrities such as Donita Rose, Apl de Ap, Jacklyn Jose, Lea Salonga, among others.
  •    Pampanga is one of the Philippine provinces with the most festivals. Observing at least seventeen festivals in a year, the province is known to celebrate a broad range of themes which includes but is not limited to religious, culinary of public statement themes. Some of the more popular festivals held in Pampanga are the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta which is held every February at Clark Field, The Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando which is held around December and the Cutud Lenten Rites on Holy Week.
  •    While San Fernando is the capital city of Pampanga, Angeles is undoubtedly a comprehensive city on its own, offering even more variety of lifestyle choices than San Fernando. Angeles is just in proximity to the international gateway Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, as well as the Clark Special Economic Zone.
  •    One of Pampanga’s cities, Angeles, was ranked 15th of the Best Places to live in the Philippines in 2008 by a MoneySense Magazine survey.




1.)    Easy access to everything and everywhere


Pampanga is known to be the province closest to Manila, with some Manileños referring to it as the most convenient and accessible place for their weekend getaways and excursions. Today, with the construction of the NLEX (Northern Luzon Expressway) and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), Pampanga is even more accessible to city dwellers. In this regard, traveling to and from Metro Manila would no longer be an arduous hassle.


More importantly, with the development of Clark International Airport, Mabalacat would soon become an international hub north of Luzon. Currently, it serves 19 local destinations and nine international destinations set for expansion.  


2.)    Opportunities that are within reach


With all the infrastructural developments, economic development should be inevitable to Pampanga itself and its residents. As a result, opportunities and so many more are within reach. With Pampanga’s Megapolis Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for the urban development of the province, sustainable growth for the province is well mapped out. This comprehensive blueprint for the urban development of the province will ensure that Pampanga’s natural resources such as agriculture, ecology, and water are maximized. In this regard, Pampanga can see a rapid rise in business and employment opportunities. Commercial districts, shopping and lifestyle centers, educational institutions, and recreational facilities will be among those that will rise in the province. This move ensures that individuals and families would no longer deem it necessary to go to Metro Manila for their needs.


3.)    Excellent options for suburban living


Undoubtedly, Metro Manila has its fair share of real estate developments that harmonize living spaces with modern amenities and natural elements. However, these developments would seem contrived and pale in comparison to the ones in Pampanga. Here, you do not just get to live close to nature, but be one with it as well. Projects in Pampanga feature modern homes within open and green spaces that are in proximity to business and commercial districts as well as educational institutions. One can expect an optimum and ideal lifestyle with a home in Pampanga.



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