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Lot in Negros Occidental
  • Size Range:

    250 sqm. - 435 sqm.

  • Location:

    Negros Occidental


The province of Negros Occidental has always been associated with all things sweet. 


From the general demeanor and spoken language of the people to some of their most beloved products, Negros Occidental is, without a doubt, the sugar bowl of the Philippines in more ways than just one. With its essential product being sugar and with the province’s official slogan proudly declaring, “Life is sweeter here,” Negros Occidental will find it quite challenging to detach itself from anything with sweet connotations. While heavily clichéd, the province of Negros Occidental has earned this claim to fame for a myriad of reasons. For one, the largest city in the province, Bacolod, is the largest city and is the province’s designated capital. The city is recognized by the moniker “The City of Smiles,” with its people noted for their gentle warmth and gracious hospitality. 


Today, the province of Negros Occidental has been tagged as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines. The wealth from the sugar industry has immensely benefited the people and certainly paved the way to the construction of majestic houses with classic aesthetics. As the “Land of Sweet Surprises” and “The City of Smiles,” it should come as no doubt that the affluence and wealth brought by the sugar industry to the province has dramatically influenced the lifestyle of the locals in the area (also known as Negrenses). Negros Occidental is known for being a place with that distinct Southern charm. In this regard, there is a myriad of reasons why Negros Occidental is one of the most enviable places to live. Even amidst rapid and progressive development, the province has maintained the laidback and relaxed lifestyle insomuch that traffic is nonexistent. In Negros Occidental, residents can enjoy all the amenities other urbanized cities can offer sans the pollution, traffic and high crime rate. With all that, one can certainly say that life is undoubtedly sweeter in Negros Occidental. 




  • Bacolod City is one of the most known cities in the Visayas as the capital of the Negros Occidental province. 


  • The name Bacolod was derived from a Hiligaynon word, buklod, which translates to “stone hill.” Initially, the city was set up on a stone hill (hence the name). However, it was then transferred to the shoreline owing to the Moro Raids. The original town where the city was supposedly first set up is now called Daan-Bawa which means Old Town.


  • By 1894, Bacolod City was made the provincial capital of Negros. It has been a pivotal point of conflict between the Spanish forces and the Negrenses in 1898. It was there that Col. Isidro de Castro, the commanding officer of the Spanish troops, surrendered to the Filipinos. 


  • The Act of Capitulation which marked the Spanish forces’ surrender in Negros, was carried out at the house of Don Eusebio Luzuriaga which once stood in front of the City Hall. 


  • It was not until the eighteenth of June in 1938 that the City of Bacolod was officially declared a city. 


  • The city is recognized as one of the two “Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines.” Similarly, it has also been known as the most child and business-friendly city in the Philippines. 


  • Bacolod City has been appointed by the European Union as the pilot city for democratic local governance for Southeast Asia in the Philippines. 




Beautiful and Unspoiled Natural Environment 


The sock-shaped land of Negros Island is rich in natural resources insomuch that it drives its economy. The province is rich with diverse landscapes from the mountain ranges, plains, beaches to the hidden natural resources. All of that can be found in Negros Occidental. 


Easy-to-Acquire Properties in Ideal Locations 


Negros Occidental properties are not hard to come by. Plus, you have a myriad of options when it comes to choosing properties. Most of Negros Occidental’s real properties are situated in idyllic locations that afford residents a semblance of peace and calm (even if such properties are located amidst the city). The city proper has its fair share of condominiums, subdivisions and village neighborhoods. Various real estate developers have begun their project developments in the more rural areas to accommodate prospective homeowners who are in search of vacation homes or for properties away from the city. 


 Low cost of living 


One of the best reasons to live in Negros Occidental is the comparatively cheaper cost of living. Everything in Negros Occidental — from the essential commodities, rental prices to the daily commute is more affordable compared to the rates in other major metropolitan cities. With a wide range of shops and a selection of shopping malls, small boutiques, and stores, you can find practically everything you need at reasonable prices–all you need to do is look. Similarly, available facilities within the city, such as good hospitals, medical facilities, respectable universities, and other major facilities are very affordable compared to their counterparts in other major Philippine cities. 



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