Condo for Sale in Davao


Abreeza Place

Condominium in Davao City, Davao
  • Size Range:

    31 sqm. - 53 sqm.

  • Types of units available:

    Studio Unit, One-bedroom Unit

  • Location:

    Abreeza, J.P. Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City

Abreeza Residences

Condominium in Abreeza, Davao
  • Size Range:

    31 sqm. - 218 sqm.

  • Location:

    Abreeza, Davao City


Condominium in Abreeza, Davao
  • Price Range:

    Php 4,600,000.00 - Php 22,000,000.00

    Size Range:

    31 sqm. - 114 sqm.

  • Types of units available:

    Studio Unit, One-bedroom Unit, Two-bedroom Unit, Three-bedroom Unit

  • Location:

    JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City

To know why Davao is such a compelling place to live in, one need not look far than Tom Anthony’s best-selling novel, Sabine. Set in Davao City, the author illustrated what life in the Southern Philippine City was like, and indeed, the story portrayed the city in colorful light.

Apart from being the birthplace of the 16th and current strong-willed President of the Philippines, there is quite a lot of exciting things that locals in Davao can take pride in: the various fruit plantations, diverse and picturesque landscapes, virgin forests, powdery white sand and pristine beaches—and even the notoriously odorous fruit, Durian.

The vibrant and progressive city has come a long way from being a massive land inhabited by the lumads and the Moros. In fact, what makes Davao unlike any other city in the Philippines is the social cohesion its inhabitants have developed. After all, one of the highlighted facets of Davao is the cordial and even friendly relationships developed among its people who are from diverse cultures and various religions as they coexist with the Indigenous People (original inhabitants from decades ago). Perhaps it is because of this peaceful co-existence that makes Davao one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines.

Today, the city is known to be an eclectic mix of suburban, city and island life. As a pivotal financial trade center as well as being the wealthiest city in Mindanao, Davao truly lives up to being the “Crown Jewel of the South.” While people come from all over the world to experience Davao’s natural tourist attractions, many individuals flock to the city because of its multiple employment, career, and business prospects. What makes people stay, however, is not only the familiar environment of the city, but the pervading sense of security you have wherever you might go—Davao is the safest city in the Philippines after all.


Outside Metro Manila, Davao is the largest city (with only the cities of Manila, Caloocan, and Quezon larger than the city). Davao also has the fourth largest population in the Philippines.

There are three different ways to say the City of Davao: Ciudad de Davao (Spanish), Lungsod ng Dabaw (Filipino), Dakbayan sa Dabaw (Filipino)

Apart from being considered as the “de facto” capital of the island, Davao City is the largest city in Mindanao.

It has one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. Kadayawan is celebrated every third week of August and is a must-see if you are headed to Davao for the first time.

Davao is a multi-cultural city home to 11 ethnolinguistic groups. The city is comprised of six Moro tribes and 5 Lumad tribes coexisting harmoniously. In fact, part of the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival is to honor and pay homage to these groups and honor their language, culture, and art.

Unlike Pampanga’s sisig, Bacolod’s chicken inasal and Cebu’s Lechon, Davao does not have a local signature dish—but they do have Durian! As the city is made up 90% immigrants, coming up with a local food or signature dish is a challenge. However, this does not mean to say that Davao does not have its own distinct kind of food. As the Durian fruit grows abundantly in the city, one can expect a myriad of food products with the fruit as the main ingredient. From Durian ice cream, pastillas, yema to even Durian coffee itself, Davao City is in no shortage of Durian products.



The city is so strategically located that it is easily accessed through air, land, and sea travel. Its main gateway, Francisco Bangoy International Airport, has regular scheduled flights to Manila and Singapore. Incidentally, it is Mindanao’s busiest gateway.

Peace and Order

Davao City is lauded to be one of the safest and most livable cities not only in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia as well—and with good reason. The city’s crime index stands at just 0.8 cases per 10000 people per month. Moreover, it has been dubbed as the second most peaceful city in the ASEAN region, losing the top spot to Singapore. Apart from having a centralized emergency response system, it also runs a successful 911 communication network that mitigates crime-related activities.

Business Competitiveness

Living in Davao is significantly cheaper. Incidentally, rates of public utilities, rentals for commercial spaces, accommodations, raw materials, labor, real estate and other needs you might have for business are comparatively cheaper in Davao City than they are in any other major city in the Philippines. In this regard, Davao City is attractive to all sorts of business ventures—especially the BPO sector.

Abundant employment opportunities

As a result of the many budding and emergent business ventures in the city, more employment opportunities are created. More importantly, the city is recognized as Mindanao’s center of business, finance, and education, making it the regional center of Southern Philippines. Apart from the many tertiary-education centers and universities, it also houses numerous branches of national banks and financial institutions.

Diverse real estate options

With all the compelling reasons to live in Davao considered, some of the country’s top and leading real estate developers have been actively establishing their trade in this pivotal city. In this regard, individuals who are looking to relocate in this southern region of the Philippines are afforded bigger and better real estate options.


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