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Known to be the summer capital of the country (second only to Baguio) more than anything else, Tagaytay proves that it is more than just your annual holiday retreat. While Tagaytay may prove to be a more compelling vacation than a residential option, there is actually a myriad of reasons why it is regarded as one of the country’s best cities in terms of livability. Apart from being one of the most popular and widely visited tourist destinations in the Philippines (it is not called the Mañileno’s typical playground for nothing; after all), Tagaytay is a charming little city, be it for newlyweds or retirees looking to find a new home. Tranquil, peaceful and charming are just a few words to describe and characterize this Northern town, but most notable of them all is the city’s cooler climate. As it sits along a ridge that runs along the north side of the beautiful Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano, one can expect the air to be crisp, clean, and fresh, with the climate mild. In fact, it is one of the few cities that do not require any air-conditioning at all, since temperatures are comfortable throughout the year. With this, residents find it easier to enjoy outdoor activities than they would in the metropolis. Tagaytay weekends can be spent either horseback riding, golfing, swimming, gardening, or going on picnics to name a few. Although it is about only an hour’s drive away from the bustling Manila metropolis, there is a very different ambiance in this city. If anything, this small mountain-resort town reminds you of laidback afternoons spent at the farm, with its surrounding verdant greenery and picturesque scenery. Beyond being the preferred wedding locale for affianced couples, it’s where most OFWs, expats and retirees would want to live in. Tagaytay proves to be a town of warm comfort that welcomes you back, even after long, grueling hours at work.

Kasa Luntian

Condominium in Tagaytay
  • Price Range:

    Php 5,700,000.00 - Php 34,300,000.00

    Size Range:

    40 sqm. - 157 sqm.

  • Types of units available:

    Studio Unit, One-bedroom Unit, Two-bedroom Unit, Three-bedroom Unit

  • Location:

    Calamba St, San Jose, Tagaytay



  • Tagaytay is actually a part of Cavite, Philippines.


  • According to local lore and legends, the city got its name from the word “taga” which means to cut and “itay” which means father. It was said that a father and son were on a boar hunt when the animal they were hunting suddenly turned and attacked them. As the boar charged towards the father, the song cried “Taga Itay!” repeatedly, which echoed in the alleys of the ridge. His shots then became a source of conversation for several days in the countryside.


  • A more feasible but less colorful etymology of the city’s name is its actual translation. Tagaytay in Tagalog means ridge, and as the city is atop a mountainside ride, it has been aptly named so.


  • Individuals who are opposed to living in hot cities will love Tagaytay’s year-round cold weather, which is mostly attributed to its location. The city sits atop the Tagaytay ridge, and as the city is elevated 634 meters above-level, Tagaytay’s average temperature rarely goes any higher than 24 degrees (save for the summer season). In fact, the lowest recorded temperature ever was 18 degrees Celsius back in January 2014.


  • The highest point of the city is where People’s Park in the sky is located, which is situated on Mount Sungay.


  • A surprising fact about the Taal Volcano is that it is actually not a part of Tagaytay at all, despite getting a picturesque view of the scenic lake from atop the Tagaytay ridge. The Taal Lake and Taal Volcano form part of Batangas and in the town of Taal, to be precise.


  • It is one of the Philippine cities with the most active wedding industry, considering how most couples who wish to have a destination wedding would want to wed there. In fact, it has been named as one of the best and most popular destination wedding spots in the Philippines (right next to Cebu and Boracay).


  • The country’s largest Ferris Wheel is located in Tagaytay. Aptly named as The Sky Eye, this Ferris Wheel stands at 63 meters or 207 feet at its highest point, which offers riders an excellent vantage point of the city.


  • Tagaytay is considered the cleanest tourist destination in the country. While there has been a successful attempt in the cleanup of Boracay, Tagaytay’s local government took it a step further even back in the day, by banning the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags on dry goods. Additionally, Styrofoam is banned, and the use of plastics on wet goods is heavily regulated. In this regard, plastic straws and utensils are not something you will find here.


  • According to the local census, Tagaytay’s population is 71, 181 as of 2015 with 34 barangays.




1.)    The cool weather


With most cities in Metro Manila are congested and saturated with air pollution, the crisp and cool air of Tagaytay will be a welcome and refreshing change. Known for its cool climate all year round, Tagaytay is an ideal city for those who wish to escape the unbearable heat of living in a crowded city. The cool temperature complemented with the charming and heartening atmosphere will certainly keep anyone calm and relaxed. Unlike the concrete jungle that is Metro Manila, Tagaytay is abundant with verdant greeneries and lush foliages that would add to its overall charming appeal.


2.)    One of the safest places to live in


Most prospective homebuyers view safety and security as key aspects when it comes to selecting a place of residence, and with good reason. After all, you would want to live in a place where you can sleep peacefully at night without worry. Tagaytay is known to be one of the safest cities and is named as one of the most peaceful places in the Philippines. In fact, Tagaytay is virtually crime free, and it is very seldom that you would hear or read news about crimes happening in this city.


3.)    Stress-free lifestyle


Being regarded as the vacation retreat of city dwellers, it would be inevitable for residents of Tagaytay to lead relatively stress-free lifestyles. For many years, the city has served as a convenient and accessible haven for individuals who wish to relax and break free from the daily grind of the metropolis. With all that considered, many individuals have opted to buy vacation homes in Tagaytay, so that they can feel the refreshing breeze of a rural city without being too far from the capital. In Tagaytay, you are assured of an ideal laidback lifestyle. The city gives you an avenue to be closer to nature, while still experiencing major city conveniences. More importantly, congested, busy roads and perpetual traffic are rather rare on ordinary days.


4.)    Relatively affordable basic agricultural products


Costs of basic commodities are relatively cheap in the Metro Tagaytay area, owing to the fact that the member LGUs of the cluster are the top food producers in the province of Cavite. As a result, residents can greatly benefit from it. Fresh but cheap agricultural produce are available to consumers in the public market of Indang.


5.)    Leisure Locations


Being one of the most visited getaway spots of many Filipinos and foreigners, it should come as no surprise that Tagaytay is the perfect leisure location. The city offers many delectable local delicacies such as tawilis and bulalo, and it also has its fair share of Instagrammable resorts and attractions. Indeed, Tagaytay is a wonderful place for those who wish to break free from the urban lifestyle and get back in tune with nature.


6.)    Upscale residential communities


Taking up residence in Tagaytay will improve your quality of life. Tagaytay has some of the most livable neighborhoods that seamlessly integrate aspects of work and play. More importantly, these communities are easily accessible and are strategically situated near schools, churches, shopping centers, hospitals, and other necessary establishments to ensure a hassle-free living experience. It is a leisure location with a diverse set of residential projects to befit any lifestyle. Condominium properties such as Kasa Luntian by Alveo Land is a good option for prospective homebuyers. Future residents will get to select where they intend to establish a lifestyle and grow a family in the city.


7.)    Competitive Real Estate prices


The prices of real properties are competitive compared to the other areas in the CALABARZON region, with the sole exception of the City of Tagaytay. However, there are still excellent and competitive bargains in the city itself. Today, big real estate developers have proliferated the area and entered the Tagaytay market, and it is only a matter of time before they start developing the surrounding areas, and invest in them as well. While the city’s growth is still in its infancy stage, you can be assured that good real estate deals are still available. It is best to take advantage of these while you still can.





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