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While relatively lighter reads continue to take up space in everyone’s gadgets, a number of design and architecture publications still reign supreme offline in a constantly online world. Fashion and current affairs magazines have long been conquerors of the newsstands. However, the physical presence of design and architecture publications does not fall far behind. Many continue to stand tall and proud while garnering thousands of online followers at the same time, as nothing beats the experience of color, imagery, and tactility in real life.

Apartamento aims to show the unpretentious side of living spaces by taking readers through honest and candid interiors. Instead of concentrating on design per se, it tackles the stories behind homes and objects that not only interest readers but inspire them as well. The cult magazine is a highly coveted title as one issue can sell out in just a few days

Design Anthology is Asia’s premier publication on luxury interiors, design, architecture, and urban living. It is a sophisticated volume packed with content that celebrates Asia’s cultural and creative scene, along with the latest projects and products from around the world. As each issue explores a theme, its international team promises high-quality editorials for a pleasurable reading experience.

Anthology is a quarterly read on home and lifestyle. What sets it apart from the flock are its writings, which take a narrative or literary form. The creators envisioned Anthology to be “a collection of stories” rather than a structured publication. It is definitely a breath of fresh air in the field—a publication both professionals and enthusiasts would love collecting.

Dirty Furniture is anything but your ordinary design magazine. It puts a special focus on the relationship between people and the things they live with. Each issue takes a particular piece of furniture as its theme and creates stories and stunning imagery with it, exploring different topics such as history, technology, and humor.

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