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A compact home can be an unexpected jewel with these practical tips for designing limited spaces.

More than setting the look for a space, determining its mood is also important. What’s on-trend in terms of style is fleeting, but a design that rouses feelings of calmness and serenity or adventure and cheery openness can surely go a longer way.


Small living spaces are easy to clean up, but the limited storage and desk spaces make clutter more visible. The potential to acquire clutter doesn’t change in proportion to room size, so it’s all the more important for small spaces to be designed with the lazy days in mind—shoes thrown to the side of the door, a book left open on the sofa, or an empty wine glass sitting on the side table. How all these can come together without looking chaotic requires organizational methods customized to the way you live.


A custom dining table that incorporates the dimension and details of the dining room ceiling bathed in the warmth of droplights could actually inspire as much awe. It’s easy to spot a good look and nail it, but to come up with something unique to a user’s space gives a deeper sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


There’s nothing like a blank canvass to inspire creativity. A neutral palette for the sofa fabric, just a slight tone darker than the walls, not only expands illusion of space but also allows for fun accessorizing. Throw covers and pillowcases can be changed at a whim, creating a whole new look in an instant.

A space, no matter how well it looks today, needs to change and transform gracefully for tomorrow.

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