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PURPOSE DRIVEN | Establishing the purpose of your office will make it easier for you to arrange your space. Why are you putting up your own work space? Will it be your main office or an auxiliary one? Will it be a private office, or will you be meeting clients here? KEEP DISTRACTIONS AWAY | Separate areas and di­viders also help keep distractions at bay, ensuring that your work area will remain professional. LET THERE BE LIGHT | A dark and musty office is never inspiring, so keep your work area well-lighted and well-ventilated. Using natural-like lights are also a great option if placing your work area by a win­dow isn’t possible. An air purifier can also help keep your work area fresh. Keep the temperatures to a comfortable level too. DAUB ON COLOR | Studies show that color can affect a person’s mood. Red and orange signify energy and action, while blue and brown are believed to encour­age people to be more focused or productive. Yellow and other bright colors on the other hand, are said to be distracting. However, choosing colors that you like, regardless of what science or popular opinion says, is often the best for you. Pick a palette that’s pleasing, and combine two to three colors for variety. COMFORT IS KEY | Most professionals spend hours sitting in front of a desk or computer. Aside from rest¬ing your eyes and stretching every once in a while, in¬vest in ergonomic furniture that will lessen the strain on your body after hours of hard work. PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE | Place a few key pieces around your work space to inspire you. This could be a print of your favorite artwork, a figurine, or a photo of your loved ones. STAY ORGANIZED | One of the challenges of any of¬fice is keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s distracting and can slow down productivity. Containers keep your items in place, things like zip ties or velcro loops lessen the mess of wires and cables. Don’t forget that organization extends to your digital files as well, and be diligent in performing backups. POWER UP | No matter what kind of work you do or what work space you have, it’s important to have enough power outlets to accommodate your needs. Look for extension plugs that have a surge protector and individual power switches for each socket. Don’t forget to unplug the devices that you’re not using to save electricity and lessen the chance of a short circuit. ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES | Keep clear guidelines of what you can and cannot do in your office. It would be ideal to keep this space specifically for work, and leave other things out.

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